Velda ran through the village, neighing for all the ponies to come out of their stables. “Come on, everyone!” she whinnied. “It’s time! Follow me to Trompleprance!”

Soon dozens of ponies were running up the steep cobblestone streets and out into the countryside beyond until they rounded a bend in the road and came to the magical grassy glen surrounded by trees that was called Trompleprance. They ran onto the grass and danced and danced.

As they danced faster and faster, the sky became bright and shimmery. A beam of light broke from the clouds and shone down on the grass of Trompleprance. It made a soft humming sound. Flocks of beautiful colourful birds appeared out of the mist and flew around wildly, twittering and shrieking joyously.

Then all the ponies stopped dancing and looked up. They saw a gorgeous glittery purple pony slowly descending inside the beam of light, smiling and waving as she came lower and lower. When she was just above them, she shook her mane and called out, “Hi, everyone! I’m here!”